Anonymous: HELP!!!! so... im kind of crushing on my dude best friend, so much to steriotype right?! but of course a great friend of mine NEEDED to have this forever liking on him, also some of my girls liked him in the past. So basicly i tryed to speak to my bff not actually implaing it and she told me that if i liked him it would be totally bitchy of me! So i dont know what to do and John and i totally give each othar mixed signals! Its so damn confusing and i dont want anybody to get hurt

okkk… first of all you need to ask him if he’d go out with any of your friends. If not you tell her afterwards. Then there is no reason  to expect anything from him… I think you should then tell her and see.. She may be mad in the start but she will eventually come around if she is a true friend. I’ve had a situatio like this. I did nothing and I regret it. Now I dont like him anymore and my friend says she would be mad for a week or so and then it would be fine.. Keep me posted!! XOXO


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